C’est la vie!

Alright guys… I got super busy after July this summer so that’s why I haven’t posted anything in what? 3 months? And now you get 3 posts and a re-blog from me? I hope you all forgive me!

Let’s recap each month… shall we?


- I was working at the theater constantly

- The people I babysit for were out of town

- I went swimming a few times with friends

But mainly for July I just worked and watched the Big Bang Theory.


- I had a goodbye picnic with some of my really good friends

- I worked at the theater a lot and got to train my friend Evan in concessions

- I also worked at CAbi about 2-3 days a week for like 6 hours each

- I didn’t have any babysitting jobs :(

- I basically slept and worked until the 12th rolled around, that was when I visited my best friend Joann in California for a whole week (for her birthday)

- After that I worked for about a week in between the California trip and then the New York trip

- After the New York trip (towards the very end of August, last 3 days) my boyfriend came to visit me and he stayed for 5 days at my house

- We got to go to Six Flags twice (my family got season passes)

That is basically August in a nutshell. It was rather busy. I hope y’all remember that I did post about how there would be a lot of travel in my future.


- I was no longer working at Cinemark or CAbi (I went seasonal with both)

- I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend on the 2nd day of this month (also the day we broke up)

- I hung out with my twin, Sara, as often as possible before I had to leave for college

- I was pretty depressed. Gonna be honest here

- I had my birthday on a Sunday so I had a “birthday party” on Monday morning and then I had a few friends come over later that night because they couldn’t make it earlier

- My mom and I shopped for stuff for college

- My family went to Six Flags with our friends Michaella, Keaton, and Kallee

- I had to pack up my room so that I could leave for college (this literally took forever!!! And I didn’t even bring a lot of stuff to college, I packed most of it up and put it in bins or my closet)

- I drove with my parents up to Idaho (3 day journey)

- We got my stuff moved into my dorm and I went shopping for some more college stuff

- I attended the BYU-I Get Connected activities and hung out with my roommates Michaella and Hanna

- I started class on the 15th (my sister’s birthday)

- My roommates and I started watching movies every Friday and Saturday night

Friday: Scary movies (usually)

Saturday: Any kind of movies

- I met my FHE brothers and sisters

So that is September. Some of what is to follow/or what is above may accidentally be placed in the wrong month


- I got a calling in the Rexburg 42nd Ward (Visiting Teaching Coordinator for my Relief Society)

- Went to a college dance (The Masquerade Ball) Hanna and I only stayed for 15 minutes

- Threw a birthday party for our roommate Kaitlyn

- Went through some roommate drama

- Continued watching shows and movies with Hanna

- I started going to the Temple every Friday (the first time: before my classes with my ward, every time after: after my classes with Hanna)

- I have to deep clean the apartment every week since October 1st with my roommates

- Had to explain about my anxiety to someone and they STILL don’t understand it

- Wrote my first college essay and got a 94 on it

That brings you up to date with today. I also got to go shopping today (after going to the Temple) at DownEast and I got to get 2 dresses,  a skirt, and a scarf for $19 dollars. :D

Well that’s my life!!

C’est la vie!

Fare thee well!!

Karen Alyse <3

Does My Depression Mean That God Hates Me?

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This is so great. Extremely helpful if people don’t understand depression. I don’t know if I could have explained it better.

Originally posted on Seth Adam Smith:

Depression Suicide

I recently got an email from a subscriber that tugged on my heartstrings. It read, in part:

“What can I do about being depressed? I feel like I have fallen away from God and His grace and I don’t know my way back.”

To this person, I want you to know that I know that feeling.

A few years ago, when I was going through one of my darkest struggles with depression, I remember spending about two hours furiously scribbling over and over and over again, the phrase, “God Hates Me” in a notebook.

My experiences with depression made me feel as though all of my hopes and dreams had turned to ashes. The heavens seemed silent. And every night when I prayed it seemed like the floor would open up underneath me, and drop me even deeper into the pit of depression.

I was exhausted and felt defeated. I felt…

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The Most Popular Show On TV Still Doesn’t Have A Cast

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Originally posted on UPROXX:


The first table read for season eight of The Big Bazinga Theory is next week, except oops, there’s a problem: none of the original cast members are under contract. Stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar want that Friends money, and they want it NOW, and until either they or CBS caves, the most popular show on TV might as well be Gone Drinkin’.

A week ago, there were some signs of movement but I hear the communication between the two sides over the past seven days did not result in significant progress to help bridge the gap between what the actors are seeking and have been offered — both on the episodic fee and back-end side. I hear there hasn’t been a face-to-face meeting between WBTV’s negotiating team and the cast’s agents yet, and that is usually how those big…

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25 Things Every Woman Should Have By The Time She Turns 25

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Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. Enough confidence to no longer feel the need to justify what she eats, who she dates or what she wears, not only to other people, but to herself. 

2. The goal of a bank account with a few months’ living expenses in it, if she doesn’t have that already. Just in case.

3. Only the phone numbers, Facebook friends, weekend plans, and roommates she actually wants.

4. A best friend who is like a sister.

5. A space of her own.

6. A good idea of what she needs in a romantic relationship, not just what she wants, or what she thinks she needs, and the willingness to explore different people and other ideas to find what exactly that is.

7. A closet of what she considers to be her “staples,” and among these things, something to wear to an interview, funeral, wedding, impromptu Friday night drink at a casual bar…

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My JustFab link :)

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Fare thee well!!!
Karen Alyse

So, I did it….

I GOT THE JOB AT CABI!!! :D Yayayayay!!!!! I had my interview yesterday and then last night while I was working at the theater I got a call asking me to come work for CAbi! :D Super happy about the way things have turned out. Now to figure out how to schedule both jobs…. :) Hehehe
Fare thee well!!!
Karen Alyse