Beginning of silent waters

Two hours. Only two more hours until she, Dawn Fenella Yvaine, would be in the air headed to the opposite side of the world. The side where she wouldn’t have to worry about work, school, or even family. In two hours she would be on her way to a much needed and long awaited vacation.

Dawn sighed as she put away a periwinkle cardigan that she decided she wouldn’t need to take with her, “Why can’t the time go any faster?” She wondered aloud to herself, glancing at the clock to see that it was 10:07, only 3 minutes past the last time she looked.

She had been watching the time all day and anticipating what it would be like when she got to Australia. It was the first day of summer and she had been planning this trip for the past three months, it was all she had thought about during her free time since February. Her plane was set to leave at 12:53 on June 1st, it just wasn’t soon enough, in her opinion. It isn’t that she disliked all there was to do in Swords, Ireland; it’s that her family had become so insufferable that they had pushed her into deciding to go on this vacation.

Dawn had never been known to join in on a dispute, especially one involving her family and money. She never quite understood the need to have so much money that you couldn’t figure out what to do with yourself and your free time.

Finally it was 12:00, the time she had determined would be when she left her parents’ house. She hurried and gathered her bags as she saw her friend Andrew’s car pull up in front of her house, “Good riddance!” she thought and then rushed out to his car.


Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse


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