Sherlock… Season 3

Sherlock... Season 3

I’ve just watched this series, just bought all of the episodes, and have a goal for how my life will play out before/until season 3 comes out.
I am planning on watching AT LEAST 1 episode per week, until the first episode of season 3 comes out. I am SO looking forward to it. ❀ I love Benedict as Sherlock, he is PERFECT for the role. And Steven Moffat….we have a love/hate relationship. Anywho, I am definitely looking forward to Sherlock, season 3.

What about you? ;D

Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse


18 thoughts on “Sherlock… Season 3

  1. imagineyoualive says:

    So excited I’ve been searching for Sherlock tags on WordPress and Google images for memes/crack for days. I also made a little Sherlock bracelet. I think I need help. This one episode [at least] per week sounds like a good idea, oh and I love the picture by the way.

    • karenalyse says:

      I’m glad you approve:) I got the picture from a Facebook page for Sherlock ❀ I want a Sherlock bracelet! XD I am super happy about the episode per week deal xD

  2. imagineyoualive says:

    Aha, no problem πŸ™‚ I think I need to follow a few of those, I’m getting a little bored of pure MCRmy newsfeed, even if I love them so much. Well, it is a good plan! I might line up a repeat of Reichenbach in order to finalize my theories. Mine wasn’t very difficult to make, just some ‘pleather’ cord, the letters in Sherlock and a skull bead. It came to a grand total of Β£1.90 and I rather like it! I recommend making one πŸ™‚

    • karenalyse says:

      Oh I am so doing this! And the Facebook pages are awesome…. Especially with Johnlock ❀ hehe! That's at least one episode that needs to be watched again. x)

  3. imagineyoualive says:

    Ah well, I usually tend to keep my pairings on my anonymous internet profiles rather than on facebook… Oh my God, just got distracted by the fact that there’s a page called Richard Brook is a fraud! :3 Yup, if only I brought my Sherlock DVDs to my friend’s house, I could be marathon-ing right now! πŸ˜›

    • karenalyse says:

      Me too, I don’t post them on Facebook, I mean, I see the pictures and they make me happy, but I never post them xD haha really? :3 way cool! Yeah! You totally could be marathon-ing right now if you had xD oh well! Next time:)

      • imagineyoualive says:

        I always worry I’ll unthinkingly ‘like’ an image and then my friends will be like.. O.o I don’t want to be annoying and ask to admin but, that would just be awesome. Entertaining the idea of messaging them. Yeah, plus tomorrow after a long nap, 2 hours of morning lesson and breakfast I can look forward to Sherlock newsfeed! xD

      • karenalyse says:

        Ohhh yeah… I understand that xD I have some friends that share my thoughts on the Johnlock deal though and they’re usually the ones who see my posts about sherlock… most others don’t even bother looking xD Heheheh It would be way cool to be an admin!!! I would LOVE that xD Yayayay!!!!!! Sherlock Newsfeed!!!!!<3

  4. imagineyoualive says:

    Ah, I don’t really so it’s less fun. Hahaha, I am actually Mr.Burns ‘excellent’-ing right now at the prospect of Sherlock memes πŸ˜› Yeah, I was one on a deviantart group but I got bored of the entire site so left my position.. Kind of regret that now.

  5. imagineyoualive says:

    I’m never going to sleep :/ πŸ˜› Well it was this page called Adopt A Rockstar or something but I was the only one accepting requests and adding to lists and doing basically all of the work (about 100 notifications a day) for at least a whole month. So I gave up really, I would go back if other people helped me.

  6. imagineyoualive says:

    Yeah, plus I’m lazy XD

  7. imagineyoualive says:

    I thought that was how blogs are meant to turn out, there will be at least 3 years worth of no-post on John Watson’s blog.. Oh wow, I just found the funniest page: Vatican Cameos. :3

  8. imagineyoualive says:

    It’s hillarious XD

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