Part 1: Trey and the Girl

I actually have posted this before, however, I just wanted to make sure that there was a way you could read it directly from here rather than having to go to my website to read it. Here you go! 😀

there is a possibility of more parts, hence the “part 1” I’m just not positive yet… ❤ enjoy!

I heard the clatter of footsteps on metal, and glancing up from my Trig homework, I saw her walking towards me. I hurriedly studied my surroundings; I couldn’t see anyone else in sight, so she must be coming for me.

“Hey… You’re Trey, right?” the girl questioned, hesitantly.

I nodded, “That would be correct. And you are–?”

The girl grinned, “Uh… I’m sorta new here… You didn’t know that?”

I shook my head, bewildered, why did this strange girl assume I would know who she was? “I’m sorry; but I really don’t keep tabs on new people at the school…”

“Oh, right. Well, what do you know about sports?” She inquired, quietly.

“I try not to be involved with sports other than swimming… And since I would know if you were on the swim team, I can’t say I know much about the sports that you might do.”

The girl sighed, “Of course you wouldn’t know…”

“Know what, exactly?” I inquired almost as soon as the girl finished her last sentence.

“Well…” the girl started as she moved closer to me, creating the clattering sound on the metal again, “I just arrived here…to this school…to this city…to everything. It’s all new to me.”

I nodded, “Okay… I’m still not sure what all of this has to do with me, though…”

The girl sighed, “You are making this more difficult than I thought it would be…”

“Yeah… I get that a lot.” I chuckled, “So what exactly do you need?”

The girl glanced at the empty space next to me, “Do you mind if I sit with you? It might be easier for me to tell you if I don’t have to stand all day.”

I stared at her, “Go ahead and sit wherever you want. It is a free country, you know.” Then I thought about what she said, “And does it really have to take all day? I was kinda hoping I would be able to go home at some point…”

The girl chuckled nervously as she sat down next to me, “It shouldn’t take that long…” the girl said, barely louder than a whisper.

I stared at her incredulously, “Why do you keep beating around the bush?”

The girl looked up and met my hazel eyes with the most beautiful, bright blue eyes I had ever seen, “I… Well, you see… The thing is…”

I reached out and placed a hand on her arm, “Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going to judge you.”

The girl half smiled, “The truth is… I am new here… and I’ve tried out for the dance team…”

I nodded and smiled encouragingly, hoping she would continue.

She looked down and started fiddling with her cell phone, “The thing is…” she started.

“You didn’t make it?” I asked her.

Her head snapped right up and she looked deliberately into my eyes, “No! I made it… it’s just that, the members of the team all had to do something to gain the other girls respect…”

I nodded, slowly understanding why she was here; she definitely needed help with something.

She glanced down again and continued, “It’s the thing I have to do… I didn’t come up with it… the other girls did.” She sighed, “Oh, please don’t be mad!”

I touched her arm again, “How could I be mad? I don’t even know your name, so I wouldn’t have anyone to be mad at.”

She gave a half smile at my lame joke, keeping her head down she whispered, “The thing I’m supposed to do… you know, to gain their respect… I’m supposed to… tokissyou.” The last part was so quick and quiet; I don’t even think a mouse could have heard it.

I leaned in closer, “You’re supposed to what?”

She looked up and noticed there were only inches between us, which obviously made what she had to say even more difficult, “I-I’m s-supposed to… k-kiss… you…” she whispered.

I stared into her eyes for a little while after that, searching, “Well, why didn’t you say so earlier?” I whispered back.

Her eyes widened, “You mean you will?” she asked, excitedly.

I shook my head, “I have no reason not to… Plus, if this is supposed to help you fit in to their group, then who am I to be the one that stands in the way?”

Her eyes said it all, I started to lean in for the kiss, but her hand stopped me, “You should know…” she whispered to me, I was merely an inch from her lips, “This will be my first kiss…ever.”

This time it was my turn to be surprised, “You really mean that?” I breathed.

She nodded, “I’ve never kissed anyone before… other than my family members.”

I looked around, suddenly aware of everyone who could be watching, the dance team was for sure watching from their spot on the field. I looked at her, “Are you sure you want it to be so… public? And with me?” I questioned.

The girl nodded, “I’m sure. Also, they didn’t pick you… I did.”

Now my eyes really widened, “You chose me?”

She nodded, “The girls wanted me to pick a football player… but I don’t go for the whole ‘I’m a jock-head’ routine… You are just my type. Homework in the bleachers? I thought I was the only one who did that!”

I grinned, “Well, I am honored. And you do your homework in the bleachers too?”

The girl nodded, “I do… now, am I going to get my first kiss or what?”

I stared at her, and then looked at how we were sitting, “I’m gonna have to hold you.” I stated.

“What?” came her reply.

“I’m gonna have to hold you. I can’t let you sit on a metal bench for your first kiss!” I explained.

She looked at me like she understood, but she really didn’t. I just motioned for her to stand up, which she did, “What are you…?” She trailed off as I pulled her down into my lap.

Her arms automatically wrapping around my neck, and mine around her waist, “I want this to be the best first kiss it can be for you.” I whispered into her ear, my lips just brushing her earlobe.

She shivered, “This isn’t your first?”

I looked at her curiously, wondering if she knew anything about me at all, “You’re the first girl that’s ever taken interest in me.” I admitted.

She turned her face so that our lips were mere centimeters apart, “You’re not serious… are you?”

I stared into those big, beautiful, bright blue eyes, “I am completely serious.” I breathed.

She shook her head, confused, and then shrugged it off, “Oh well, that’s their loss.” I smiled a little and then she looked at me deliberately, “Now, are you going to kiss me, or what?”

I leaned towards her, covering the mere centimeters that were between us in a second. Our lips met, softly, smoothly, and it felt glorious. I never thought my first kiss would feel like this.

When we pulled apart, we kept the distance small. We stared into each other’s eyes and sighed.

“That was…” I breathed.

“Amazing.” She finished.

I suddenly noticed a commotion out on the field, but decided not to worry about it; I was sitting with the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes upon.

I sighed, and looked down.

The girl tried to meet my gaze, “Oh no! What? What did I do?” she started to slide out of my lap, but I didn’t let go of her.

I looked into her eyes once more, “You have to go now… don’t you?”

She nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

I leaned in and gave her a quick, soft kiss on the cheek, “I hope I helped you fulfill your quest and gain the girls respect.”

She laughed, “Honestly? I never cared about their dumb initiation thing. I think it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of, but if I was going to have to kiss someone… I figured it might as well be someone I could see myself going out with.”

I looked at her, shocked, “So… You really are interested in me?”

She nodded and stood up, “Yes sir, I am.” Then she pulled me to my feet, wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me, “Thank you… for the most perfect first kiss any girl could have ever asked for.”

She started to race away, but then she stopped and rushed back over to me, placing her arms around my neck she stood on the balls of her feet and whispered into my ear, “Trey, my name is Dawn.” Then she kissed my cheek and hurried away with her long, beautiful, ebony colored hair trailing behind her in the wind.

I wanted more than anything to raise a hand to the part of my cheek she had kissed, but decided against it. Instead I just watched her rush over to her dance team and as they crowded around her, I gathered my stuff up and left the school grounds. No one would notice that I had disappeared; I’ve done it enough times by now.

Smiling as I walked home, I vowed that I would never forget this afternoon. As I walked through the front gate to my house I glanced over at the driveway to see if my parents were home yet, I saw neither of their cars, so I assumed they weren’t home.

I took my time as walking up the path to the front door of my house, overall today has been a perfect day.


Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse


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