Throwback Story: Angel of Darkness

I wrote this in like…Middle School xD

My life as I knew it was over.

Everyone was going to think I was the biggest freak they had ever seen before, at my new school.

This is exactly what happened.

I was just finishing putting my books in my locker after school and then as I closed my locker they started falling out—I couldn’t stop them! I closed my eyes waiting until I was able to kneel down and start picking up the books and papers not to mention some other things that don’t go home with me.

I was just standing up, and turning to my locker—I bumped into this blonde I had seen in a few of my classes. Of course, my things went sprawling again and the blonde stared at me like I was the biggest idiot he had ever seen. I felt the blood rushing to my face as he stared at me angrily. I quickly knelt down and started picking them up as fast as I could, when a voice stopped me.

“What’s the big deal?” The voice said. I looked up through sheets of black hair and saw that it was the blonde speaking, I immediately looked down again.

“Excuse me! I’m talking to you!” The blonde said outraged that I was ignoring him.

“I’m so, so sorry!” I exclaimed quietly as I picked up my history textbook and stood up.

“Why?” The blonde asked as I opened my locker door.

I glanced at the blonde then I quickly shoved my things into the locker and watched the door swing closed, I turned the knob a little to make sure it stayed closed.

“What do you mean why?” I asked him just a little louder than before as I turned to look at him.

“I mean why did you say sorry?” He said it as though I was the stupidest person on earth.

“I just bumped into you and then my books dumped all over your feet! What is there that I can’t be sorry for?” I asked a little frustrated that he was interrogating me on why I said sorry—usually people just take the sorry and walk away. Well, not this guy.

“Whatever.” He said annoyed, “Anyways, get out of my way—what’s your name again?” He asked me sounding and looking very frustrated.

“J-Jasmyn,” I stuttered helplessly.

“Then, Jasmyn, get out of my way!” He exclaimed.

I quickly jumped aside for him and as he walked down the hall he dropped a paper on the floor. I went over and picked it up to find out that it was one of my short stories. Oh no, He saw that!


I walked into my second period algebra class and saw the blonde guy from yesterday I quickly take the white hat I’m wearing and pull it lower over my eyes as I take my seat. The teacher walks in and starts the class while she is talking a folded piece of paper lands on my desk. I look around trying to see who threw it but everyone is paying attention to the teacher. I unfold the note and start reading.


Jasmyn- I can still see you. That hat doesn’t cover your black hair.

I looked up and looked for the blonde. He was staring intently at the teacher two seats down from me but I knew that he was partly watching me. I smiled and started writing a reply to his note.

Yes, well. At least I tried.

I took my reply and folded it up into a paper football and then when the teacher wasn’t looking I sent it soaring through the air where it landed neatly on the blonde’s desk. He looked down at it and then looked at me—I smiled at him. He opened it and read it then he looked at me and started laughing silently.

Our teacher had eyes only for the chalkboard. All she did the whole period was write notes that we were supposed to copy down into our own notebooks. The bell that said our class had ended rang and I stood up then gathered up my stuff and as I walked out the door the blonde caught up to me and started walking with me.

“Hey, I’m sorry about yesterday. I was a little frustrated so I didn’t mean to be rude to you,” He told me.

I stared into his light blue eyes then I said, “It’s fine, everyone has off days.”

He looked at me, obviously amazed that I would forgive him so easily then said, “No. It’s not fine. I was really rude to you! I didn’t even help you pick up your stuff,” He exclaimed.

“Yes it is,” I said, unable to lie and say that he was right about it not being OK.

He gave me an exasperated look and then asked what my next class was. I told him that it was History with Mrs. Tumbrill. He smiled and told me he had that next too. We walked all the way to Mrs. Tumbrill’s class together, then we parted as he went to his seat and I to mine.

I set my stuff down then I walked over to his seat.

“Hey, I never found out what your name was,” I said to him.

He gave me a sheepish grin and then replied, “Oh, my name is Andrew Richards.”

“Wait. You’re the Andrew Richards that everyone in this school loves?” I asked, for being there only one day you do hear a lot—especially about the most popular kids in school.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Andrew said while laughing.

Just then the bell started to ring so I ran over to my desk before Mrs. Tumbrill walked in. Luckily I made it just as she was crossing the threshold of the classroom door. I was just opening my notebook when she looked my way. I smiled at her and started working on copying our notes for the day.

I finished copying the notes early with a few minutes of class left so, I packed up my stuff. Mrs. Tumbrill watched me curiously as I placed my things in my bag. I looked up once to see her staring with a contemplating look on her face, I smiled and continued packing up. The bell for the end of class rang and I headed to the cafeteria for lunch.


I walked into the cafeteria and looked for a place to sit. I saw a whole table that was empty except for one girl with red hair. I walked over and asked her if I could sit with her, she smiled up at me and nodded, then continued messing with her cellphone. I smiled and sat down. I was just about to start eating when I heard my name being called but I had no clue where it was coming from. I glance around and then the red head points behind me while smiling.

I turn around and see Andrew Richards walking towards me. Ever since I found out who he was I had wanted to stay away from him. I didn’t want to be popular—at all. I smiled in his direction to let him know I saw him then I sat down again.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked the red head calmly trying to ignore the urge to hurry over to Andrew and sit with him.

“Athena,” was the reply I got from her. She had a tinkly voice that sounded like bells and chimes.

“That’s a lovely—,” I got cut off because someone behind me yelled my name… again.

I turned around got up and walked over to them, “What would you like?” I asked sweetly… perhaps a little too sweetly.

“Would you like to sit with us instead of… her?” The way Andrew said her bothered me.

“She has a name you know and actually I’m sitting with her thanks,” I exclaimed.

With that I walked over to Athena’s table and sat across from her. We started talking and I found that we liked mostly the same things, cool right?

Late Afternoon…

I walked down the hall of my school towards my locker again but this time Athena was with me. We were intently talking when I was bumped into by someone from behind my books fell and I couldn’t get them because I had been squashed up against the lockers.

“What’s the big deal?” I asked outraged.

The person that had bumped me turned around and apologized it was a dark haired guy and immediately I thought of one of the stories I had written titled, “Angel of Darkness” about a mysterious guy that ended up protecting his girlfriend for the rest of his life.

I smiled then knelt down and started picking my stuff up for the second day in a row. This time though I gained help, Athena and the dark haired guy helped me. I glanced at Athena and she raised her eyebrows at me with a knowing look, then I looked over at the dark haired guy and I said sorry again. He looked at me and smiled then he said, “My name is Brad Reyes. What are your names?”

“I’m Jasmyn,” I said quietly.

“And I’m Athena,” Athena said.

“Great names,” Brad said, “I have to get going so, I will see you around?”

“Yeah sure,” I said calmly.

“Cool,” Brad said as he started to walk away.

“Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed, “Can you believe that?”

“Well, yeah. It just happened, but I know what you mean,” Athena replied.

“Wow! He was like—oh my gosh!” I exclaimed.

“Ok, calm down! You will be ok!” Athena started telling me as we walked down the hallway after finishing putting my stuff away.

We past right by Andrew on our way outside, but I ignored him to the best of my abilities—I honestly did not want to be a stuck-up popular kid. He called my name, but we just kept walking. As soon as the warm sun in the Texas atmosphere hit our faces we started laughing. I looked around for my ride when I realized I was getting a text. I opened my phone up and read.

Hey, Jasmyn, would you mind getting a ride home because I’m not able to come get you right now. Sorry!!

It was from my mother, I texted her back quickly.

Of course I can, Love you!

Athena had read the conversation over my shoulder and said, “You could come home with me.”

I looked up at her and smiled, “That’s great let me call my mother and tell her how long I will be at your house.”

I dialed my mother’s number and waited for it to ring, then my mother picked up and I told her about going home with Athena. My mother told me that was great and that when I got home there would be a surprise waiting for me.

Athena and I started walking over to Athena’s house; once we got there we talked, had a few cookies with milk and then headed to her bedroom. I spent a few hours there until I really needed to go home so she got her mother to drive me over to my house. Once we got there I hugged Athena and said ‘thank you for saving me!’ She just smiled in response.

I walked through the front door and then my mother was pulling me towards the kitchen, I barely had time to close the front door. When I entered the kitchen there was a full dozen of red roses sitting in my vase on the counter. I looked at them and then asked my mother who they were from. She told me she didn’t know, who could they be from?


Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse


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