Forgotten….or Busy?

I haven’t posted on here recently… I feel bad about that. However, I do have an excuse. I need to finish all of my homework and such because I am leaving for New York on Friday. I will miss a day of school and that is the day I have a bunch of tests and junk… Anywho, I’ve been working to be ready to turn everything in because if I can’t turn stuff in…. I might fail >.< NO ONE WANTS TO FAIL. Then there is the fact that I am now obsessed with books on my phone…and movies on my phone…and games on my phone. ;D Yay. I shall share a meme with you that my friend made. It was pretty great 😀 Enjoy!

Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse



6 thoughts on “Forgotten….or Busy?

  1. Colleen says:

    I found my name!!! 😀

  2. Christina says:

    All that really matters is that you’re having fun. Good luck on all that school stuff though.

    • karenalyse says:

      True. Fun is what it’s all about 😀 Thank you!! My reward for getting everything done on time was AMAZING grades in the grade-book!! ALL A’s!!! 😀

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