My Driver’s License Test.

So, I realize I never posted this story. It is one to pay attention to. xD

I took my test over spring break and I had been practicing a lot the day before and stuff to make sure I would get parallel parking correct.

I wake up in the morning, not super worried, my mom and I climb in the car that I’m taking the test in and we drive to the DMV.

We get the paperwork filled out, my picture taken, and pull the car into the driveway to take the test. Little did we know that the gas was all the way down. We ran out of gas in the driveway as the lady was letting another student take their test.

I. Was. Freaking. Out.

So…. we called my brother. (He always rescues us when we’re in situations like this) and asked him if he could bring some gasoline to us. He promised he would and pretty much raced all the way to where we were. He got there in about 10 minutes or so. By this time we had let the person behind us go and take their test and we filled up the car.

The road test lady let us go get more gas at the gas station down the road so that I would have some time to calm down before the test. My mom and I drove away as my brother was driving away and when we got back I was as ready to take the test as I’d ever be.

The lady climbed into the car, explained what she was going to be watching for and then asked me to show the basic principles of parallel parking (I didn’t even have to park correctly!!!! Just show the basics!!!!) I quickly did that and she then instructed me to start driving in this cul-de-sac area and then a neighborhood. When we finished with the neighborhood she had me drive back to the DMV.

On the way back we got stopped at a red light, then there was a green arrow for us to turn left. I noticed a bicyclist on the sidewalk and I couldn’t tell which way or where he was going, so I waited for him to get passed the intersection, even though people were honking at me.

I got us back to the DMV in one piece and the lady told me that I passed. I was the first one that whole day. I felt so accomplished I couldn’t stop saying thank you and that she was awesome.

I LOVE my life. I am so happy to have my license. 😀

OH! This happened on the Ides of March. So realize, the Ides might not always be a bad thing. ;D

Hehehe, Julius Caesar reference for all of my Shakespeare fans 😀 There ya go!

Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse


2 thoughts on “My Driver’s License Test.

  1. Youknowwho says:

    More stories about your house please.

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