This week…

So, my week has been and will continue to be pretty busy.

Monday, I watched Merlin all day xD Pretty much the whole 4th season in one day.

Tuesday, It was my bestfriendforeverlife (bffl) Joann’s birthday! I love her so much! I got my senior photos taken and then I proceeded to apply to two different theatres, The first one said they’d call me a month and a half later. The second one didn’t even seem like they were going to call me, however they called me that night about 5-6 hours later asking me to come in for an interview 2 days before my availability date. Hooray! I also watched Merlin this day ;D

Wednesday, I went and got my hair cut (just a trim and some side bangs) and I also went to one of my friend’s birthday parties and then watched the rest of Merlin. Ohmygoodness. I can’t believe it is over… D’; sadnesssssssssss.

Thursday, (today) I “get” to go to the orthodontist and get a new retainer (GROSS) I hate the stuff they make it with. It’s disgusting and I always feel like throwing up…. Anywho, I am also planning on hanging out with my friend Caroline this evening because we haven’t seen each other in forever. 😀

Friday, I am hanging out with my friend Colleen and in the time that we are hanging out I will have to go to my interview! Yay! I really hope I get this job. Then that evening I will probably go see my friend Catherine at a little get together she is having for her birthday.

Saturday, I am hanging out with Rachel (Catherine’s sister) and my sister instead of going to the lake with our church youth group because I get terrible dehydration and heat exhaustion. I’m pretty excited 😀 I’m not sure if there is a dance on Saturday or not…. We’ll see.

Sunday, I get to go to church and hang out with my family. It’ll be a good day. Guaranteed.

That is my week in a nutshell. Yay! 😀 I’m pretty excited. Especially since right now I am listening to songs from the musical, “The Secret Garden”. It’s FANTASTIC. Look it up. I absolutely love it 😀

Fare thee well!!
Karen Alyse


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