Birthdays and football games and Robin Hood and… yeah!

So, this weekend was super busy.

FRIDAY: I got my friend Catherine/Laura to come with me to the Allen Eagles football game. Before we went we watched a couple of episodes of A&E’s Robin Hood and then we left for the game. We wore our senior jeans and walked to the game and had tons of fun!!! Then Carmen walked back with us to my house and we watched another episode of Robin Hood and ate brownies and ice cream and popcorn (too much popcorn). Carmen is a popcorn eating machine!!!!!

Then we watched some videos on youtube (Canada Please, Sad Cat Diary, Homestarrunner, etc.) and then it was time for them to leave. But it was okay because they would be coming over the next evening for my birthday party!!

SATURDAY: My mom and I went to the choir check-in day at my school and got to order a senior choir t shirt and a normal choir t shirt and a new yard sign because I am FINALLY in Chorale even though it’s my senior year. Then my mom and I went shopping for party stuff and then we worked on setting it all up and cleaning the house until my friends got there. We got to talk about lots of things and get caught up on everyone and then we watched “A Walk to Remember” and then we played Just Dance 3 and then Apples to Apples. My little brother decided he had to be there and hang out with my friends even though none of my guy friends came and then he decided “oh it’ll be okay for me to interrogate her about which guy friends she invited!” so he asked me “Karen, did you even invite any guys?” I refused to answer. I’m pretty positive that this party wasn’t his party in the SLIGHTEST so he has ABSOLUTELY no right to say that or ask that. He was lucky I let him be there.

For my birthday I got some awesome clothes, 2 $25 gift cards to Barnes and Noble, 1 $25 gift card to Amazon, a super fuzzy and pretty green teddy bear,  mint oreos, Carmen made me a poster that is a quote from William Shakespeare written in Gallifreyan, and I got lots of candy and stuff xD

SUNDAY: I went to church and then I went home and started cleaning my room and in the middle of cleaning I fell asleep and then woke up and finished up a good amount of cleaning. but I haven’t totally finished. Then I went to bed.

MONDAY: Today I woke up and went to seminary and I am so exhausted and ready to go to school and then come home so I can take a nap it isn’t even funny. I’m probably gonna come home and watch Bates Motel though… I really want to so it’ll be interesting xD

Well…. Sebastian has been on his mission for 10 months now. That’s a crazy thought 😮 Woah. I should probably get off now… I’ll post soonish… Hopefully sooner than this post was. I feel bad. D: It’s been a whole month…

Well, Fare thee well!!!

Karen Alyse


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