Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – White. 7.0″ — UPDATED!

So… I went ahead and bought it. I also bothered to buy a case for it and I’m contemplating a Koala speaker ;D I’ll attach pictures at the end. I promise.

I’m super excited and my brother said that I did well on buying it so I think I did. I trust him a LOT! This is my brother Greg, but I’ve never really posted anything about him. He’s awesome. Doesn’t live close so we don’t talk as often, but it’s always fun to get to talk to him.

Anywho, I will keep you posted with my tablet once I get it. I’ve been hesitant on getting a tablet for a LONG time, but since I’ve started needing my own computer at school and my laptop is just TOO big, I decided to go ahead and cave. At least I found a tablet with accessories and an AMAZING reward offer to go with it. I will definitely be using it. 🙂

The tablet cover is a MoKo(TM) 360 Degree Rotating Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 inch SM-T2100 / SM-T2110 Android Tablet, Zebra BLACK


the speaker is a GOgroove Koala Pal High-Powered Portable Speaker System for MP3 Players , Smartphones , Laptops , Desktops , Tablets , and More!


Fare thee well!!!

Karen Alyse


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – White. 7.0″ — UPDATED!

  1. […] Originally posted here: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – White. 7.0″ — Updated! […]

  2. ebby101 says:

    Wow, congratulations on your new tab! I love that Koala speaker! Where can I get one?

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