Am I the only one who is EXTREMELY annoyed that even if you are paying for HuluPlus, you are still required to sit through their commercials and even now we aren’t allowed access to some of the TV shows on there? I got on to watch Pretty Little Liars and it said it wasn’t available. New shows have always been available on Hulu the DAY after they air on TV. That’s what made me love Hulu in the first place; but now I’m questioning if this is even a good idea. Hulu? Really?! There is no benefit for them to require us to have a TV network in order to use Hulu. In fact, that’s typically why people watch shows online. Because we don’t care to have cable, but like certain shows that aren’t on the regular broadcasting stations. And no that doesn’t mean “Get cable because you like one show on there and need 1000+ channels that you will never ever watch” — No . The whole point of putting a show on the internet is to make it available to those without cable. Don’t require a cable connection for internet users, because chances are they won’t have one and those who watch it on TV (with cable) will most likely not turn to the internet to watch it when they have the option of watching it on TV. Now, I’m not sure which broadcasting stations are a part of this on Hulu, so far I’ve only noticed abcfamily doing it. But maybe there are more. I don’t know. But I do know that I’m not particularly thrilled with Hulu right now so I will probably be putting my subscription on hold for a bit. This is not acceptable.


This is the image that shows up when you attempt to watch a show that requires a cable provider.

Also, you’ll most likely be able to tell if it is this way when you scroll over the video to click on it to play it because it’ll have a key in the top left corner. And this is what it’ll look like as a tumbnail.


Hulu has got to stop. Like I said the majority of people use Hulu for the reason that they don’t have cable. And I know people are gonna be like “Well go and watch it on the website” and others will probably say “Just buy cable. It doesn’t matter” but it does matter if you don’t want to pay for cable and like having things centrally located. I watch shows from cw, NBC, abcfamily, etc. and it is SO much easier to watch them on here than to have to go to each website and watch a show. Hulu makes it easy to enjoy newly released episodes of shows, but since this development, it’s gotten a little annoying. Now I will have to see if I can watch it on the website.

Well, that’s all for me for right now. I know. I totally ranted, that’s all good because you all most likely know that is who I am. And those of you who do not……… Hello, my name is Karen, and I am addicted to ranting. ;D

Peace out mah homeskillets!!! (Fare thee well!)

Karen Alyse


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