This is amazing.

Hayden Coombs

“Only at BYU-Idaho,” was a phrase I muttered countless times during my six years in Rexburg. And if I’m being completely honest, it was usually meant in a derogatory manner.

Oh, your roommate got engaged to a girl he met just last week?
Only at BYU-Idaho.

It’s -35 degrees after wind-chill and class still isn’t being canceled?
Only at BYU-Idaho.

You were asked to leave class because you had the audacity to wear shorts in the middle of July?
Only at BYU-Idaho.

You have to shave your five o’clock shadow to work out even though the kid running the spinning class has a Hitler ‘stache?
Only at BYU-Idaho.

Those are just a few examples of the cultural abnormalities that I knew I wouldn’t miss when my family and I left Rexburg for graduate school. I wasn’t going to miss wearing jeans every day, I wasn’t going to miss nine months…

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