Cruel as It Is, We Somehow Go On (Write Alike Short Story) from my Senior Year (2013-2014)

Sometimes the fandom life is cruel.

That is ultimately the fundamental lesson here, as fangirls wail, celebrities sleep calmly in hotels, and the angsty teens lie unclaimed in the rubble that once was real life.

Sometimes the characters fall and will not stop. Sometimes the writers turn evil and will not write. Sometimes the producers rise and smack the storyline like a fist. Sometimes the producers delay and split the story. And sometimes, the emotions rattle and heave and split in two.

Sometimes the fandom life is cruel.

And always, when it is, we do the same thing. We dig ourselves out. We weep and mourn, we recover and memorialize the fallen, we rebuild our hopes. And we go on. This is the price of being a fangirl. And also, arguably, the noblest fandoms.

Sometimes the fandom life is cruel, and you have no choice but to accept that as part of the bargain called fangirling. And when it is your turn to deal with it, you try.

But what if it’s always your turn?

Surely some hopeless, tear-streaked fangirl can be forgiven for thinking it is always her turn this evening, two minutes after the most angsty fandom in the world saw its episode airing delayed by the strongest force it has ever known, an evil producing monster. Surely, the rest of us watching from afar, experiencing tragedy and devastation from the comfort of desk chairs and living room couches, are tempted to believe the same thing.

Bad enough, fangirls are wretchedly poor. Bad enough they have a history of emotional instability and weakness, of being ignored by the major powers when it is not being exploited by them. Bad enough, all that, yet at the end of the day, those are disasters authored by the producers hands, by producers greed, producers corruption, producers economic predation.

Sometimes, though, you have to wonder if the producers themselves are not conspiring against these feisty little fangirls.

After 1995, when A&E’s Pride and Prejudice was aired, after 2005, when Doctor Who was revived and swept away over 500 fangirls, after 2006 when the mercy of Robin Hood helped over 2,000 souls, after 2010, when Sherlock aired only three episodes and Downton Abbey made a stir, followed by Merlin’s newfound fame which captured even more, after the double whammy of Spies of War and Bates Motel in 2013 gathered many more fangirls and destroyed social lives, through all that, comes this lifestyle – and an emotional toll psychologists cannot begin to even imagine. Perhaps as many as millions, they were saying on Wednesday.

Sometimes the fandom life is cruel. To crawl onto the couch, scanning for new episodes on Netflix, charting when shows are available, running from real life issues, is to understand this in a primal, personal way. It is to view a show that begins, “Long ago, in the time of dragons…” It is to create clever tumblr posts, donate your small funds, volunteer material and time and to fear, even in the waiting, that these gestures are small against the reality, inconsequential against the ache of a people  whose turn to fall never seems to end.

But what else are you going to do? As the playwright put it, your voice is too small to talk with producers. Even less have we the ability to answer the question that burns the moment: Why are the most vulnerable repeatedly assessed the highest price?

We are hamstrung by our own obsessions, so we can only do what we always do, only send money and hope. And watch, staggered by the courage it takes, as fangirls do what fangirls always do, the thing at which they have become so terribly practiced.

Dig out. Weep and mourn. Memorialize the fallen. Rebuild. Go on. And show the world once againa stubborn insistence on living, despite all the cruelties of the fandom life.


Fare thee well!!

Karen Alyse



Welp. I haven’t posted anything Sherlock related lately…but might I just say that waiting for this 3rd series is slowly killing me. >.< GAH. I cannot wait for it!!!! I really REALLY am obsessed with Sherlock things and whatnot right now, I NEED to know how people are coping with the wait for Sherlock right now. Let me know. Please. comment. Please!!! I really am striving to find things to do.


Fare thee well!!!!

Karen Alyse

Sherlock and West Side Story?! YES. <3

West Side Story – America

Bernardo wears the same type of purple shirt as Sherlock. OR should I say that Sherlock wears the same shirt as Bernardo? ;D LOVE IT!

Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse

Well–time for the weekly Sherlock post? I think yes.

Just a funny little thing I thought you might enjoy :D

Just a funny little thing I thought you might enjoy 😀

The fact that I’ve even been able to go this whole week without talking about Sherlock on here is amazing…. Like, no joke. But  I’ll try not to bore you too long with my speculations.

So my brother moved away recently. The day before he left we watched the final episode of season 2 together. At the end of the episode we both had the same thought. Molly. Molly had to have helped Sherlock with the fall. Otherwise, why would he tell her “I need you” and why would he still be alive? It is only logical to assume Molly is partially behind this trick of the eyes.

We figured that since Sherlock is ALWAYS a step (or 5) ahead of everyone, he knew this was long coming. The fact that he decided to send John away so that he would actually have the gumption to complete the death-defying stunt, took lots of courage and thought. He planned it out precisely.

Here’s what my brother and I figure, We believe Molly helped out. We believe she gave Sherlock some blood packets that are set to explode on a timer or are set to explode upon impact. These are commonly used in many other TV shows and movies, especially Horatio Hornblower. Now, we also figured that since John just saw his friend–no, no– his BEST friend, fall to his death we only have a good reason to ignore John’s medical examination. He couldn’t have taken Sherlock’s pulse. He was in shock, he was grieving, and he wouldn’t have been able to count correctly.

Now, since Molly works in the morgue (with the dead bodies) we figure that she would be able to tamper with the information on Sherlock’s file after he is brought to her, meaning, she could make him look dead when he really isn’t.

And that’s about all I really came up with. We, my brother and I, figure that we are TOTALLY correct. 🙂 Woo! Anywho, that’s my Sherlock ditty for this week. Let me know what you think! I love hearing other people’s speculations!!!

Fare thee well!!

Karen Alyse

P. S. I got my friend Neven hooked on Sherlock!!!<3 YAY!

A FanFic about Sherlock.

A FanFic about Sherlock.

I was told about a fanfiction that another blogger ( had written. I was immediately interested in it; being who I am and with what I’m currently obsessed with. It was made known to me as soon as I finished the first paragraph that I was going to like this story.

Writing spin-off stories from a child of a favorite character has always been one of my favorite fanfiction styles. I even wrote one for a short time…but we won’t talk about that–it was less than honorable. Honest, you don’t want to read it. Anywho, I read this story and I was in awe, for not having a beta reader, she had very little mistakes. It was wonderful! If you ever get a chance read this fanfic. I enjoyed it. It shows a different side of Sherlock that no one knows if it even exists. Well, that’s all for now…

Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse

More…. -you guessed it- ….SHERLOCK!

More.... -you guessed it- ....SHERLOCK!

I just had to share this with you. I have been going through tons of Sherlock images on FaceBook and whatnot and I keep finding all of these hilarious memes and stuff. This one brings tears to my eyes as well since it is part of the last episode where Sherlock and John become fugitives and then Sherlock decides he needs to “die”. >.< GRRRR. Anywho, I think it’s funny because this is definitely what their friendship is like. 😀 Enjoy. I’ll post things semi-periodically. OR maybe everyday. I’m really not sure and it all depends on my schedule. 😀

Fare thee well!

Karen Alyse

The Reichenbach Fall

I just watched the final episode of Sherlock, I had been putting it off for a while but I finally decided to watch it and I was on the verge of tears at the end. I was so close to crying, it was SO emotional… ): But then I was like laughing crying at the end when John is talking to Sherlock’s grave… D: And then I freaking saw Sherlock and since John’s last request was that Sherlock would stop being dead right then I was like going to yell at Sherlock!!! HE NEEDED  TO FOLLOW JOHN. >.< I love them so much…. Ohkayy, welll, enough ranting for now.

Fare thee well 😀

Karen Alyse