The lucky question of the day.

A good one and a bad one.

The one that prevails after everything else is asked.


Why did you watch Conference today?

To feast on the words of the latter day prophets. To learn more of the Gospel for yourself. To gain answers to your many questions. Whatever your reason, it was most likely a good thing.

Why did your phone die today?

I actually do not have a plausible reason for this. It could be that I really needed a new phone, I needed to stop using my phone, I needed to find a new outlet to relieve my stress, I needed to learn how to overcome a trial such as this, etc. I really do not know the reason, but I sure hope I can see the good in this trial by the end of it.

Why is one of the most used questions in our world today. We have answers to it sometimes and then don’t other times. However, whether we have an answer or not, we should always be willing to think about the question asked and determine if whatever is happening is good or bad.

Fare thee well!!

Karen Alyse