those days when you can only smile

The status I posted on FaceBook two nights ago:

“Those days when you can just smile through everything and nothing goes wrong and everything just keeps getting better and better? Those are the best. Cherish those days.

I just had one of those days.”

Now, this day was actually two days ago, but essentially I am still on a high from it.

I woke up and while I was definitely tired, I was glad to be awake. It was beautiful outside, I was working in my favorite department that day at work, and I got to talk to someone important to me.

Prior to work, I had a conversation with a good friend, we just talked about what was going on that day and then I went to work. As I was working I ended up being the Theater/Presentation Checker and I got to only do that all day. I helped out with organizing the box offices for the majority of the day and finally for the last 2 hours of my 8-9 hour shift I got to actually check theaters.

When I started checking theaters I went and had another conversation with my friend because they were at the theater. I found out how long they would be there and planned to come back later. We talked for like half an hour at that time and then both figured we needed to get back to work so we did.

I got off of work and went home, took a shower, and my brother asked me to come see a movie with him and our little brother. Of course, I agreed. On the way to the theater, I convinced my brother to stop at Kroger so I could get a Mexican Coke for my friend at the theater. He agreed to let me do that so we stopped there, I bought the coke, and we were back on the road to the theater.

When we arrived there we got our tickets and headed to concessions. While my brothers were at concessions I told them I would see them in a bit and headed over to where my friend was so I could give him his Coke (which was for his birthday).

I walked up to him and he was very involved in what he was doing right then so I jjust stood there and waited for him to notice me and finally when he did I was like “Here. This is for you.” and I held the Coke out to him. He got really excited and was genuinely happy and then he threw me off when he asked “Can I give you a hug?”

Of course, I said yes, I wasn’t about to turn down a hug. Then we stood there and started talking and before we both knew it we had been talking for like an hour and a half. It didn’t feel like it had been that long, but it was. I really enjoy his company, he’s a great friend and I’m positive we’ll still be friends for a while.

After that, I went and finished watching Star Wars with my brothers and finally we left and hung out at home. The day was literal perfection. I am not sure how much better you can get.

Like I said, I am still on a high from all that occurred that day.

If you have the opportunity to have a day like this, take advantage of it. They don’t come along all the time and may surprise you when they do or even disrupt your plans when they do. But they are so worth it.

As always, fare thee well!!

Karen Alyse


So… Homecoming?

I know, I know. I didn’t want to have a date to anything. But then something came up. It’s my senior year. My friends all want me to have a date. The only problem was that up until a week ago, the only person I wanted to go with was out of the country, in Spain.

Last Friday, I got off of work at the same time as my friend Jared. We left together and just talked the whole way to our cars. Then I didn’t think I’d get to talk to him for a while and my friend Katie was setting up a group date (ladies choice) for today. I figured I probably wouldn’t be able to find anyone to go with me because I get my work schedule on Wednesdays when I’m not there on Monday nights. That would only be 3 days warning and I hate it when people do that to me, so I wasn’t going to do that to them.

So then Jared messaged me on Sunday and we were talking and I thought “Hey! Maybe he could come with me!” So, I asked him and he said he wants to, but he wasn’t sure because he would have to check his work schedule which was totally acceptable.

He checked it, and he was working that day. So last night while we were working, he and I were talking and I asked him about today and he said that he hasn’t had any luck and so I asked him if he wanted to come to my school’s homecoming game and he said that he would be down for that. So I got off of work and he was on his break and I just talked to him and talked to him until he had to work again and I went home.

I got home and told my mom and she was so excited. It’s my 3rd date since I turned 16 (dating age for Mormons). the 2nd one that I’ve asked a guy on, And I’m CRAZY excited. Jared and I are so alike. 🙂 This is gonna be so much fun!!!! Plus, he’s a cutie ;D

Fare thee well!!!

Karen Alyse

Last week.

So, last week was great! CRAZY busy, though. I got Alexis (this inactive Laurel in my ward) to come see Wolverine with me and Rachel Colman which was HUGE because she hasn’t really wanted to do anything with us and so this was new and we invited her to mutual and she said she’d come. Yay for Monday!
Tuesday I took Cassidy (the girl I told you about earlier) to see Despicable Me 2 because it was what she really wanted to do and we got to hang out and talk and not have to worry about bratty beehives being rude to her. Good stuff.
Wednesday, Alexis texted me and told me that she had gotten food poisoning which was very disappointing because that meant she wouldn’t be able to come to mutual ): Sadness.
Thursday, I went the the dentist’s office for the first cleaning I have had since 2011. I had NO CAVITIES, however my dentist told me I need to get my wisdom teeth out… D: #terrified
My mom called them and scheduled it for this coming Wednesday. 😮 I got to go to the lake after that though, so that was fun!
Friday, I got to work… and Saturday I got to watch two little girls that I babysit get baptized and confirmed. It was awesome! I also went to my friend, Nicki’s, birthday party and gave her a Dalek plushie toy that says “Exterminate! Exterminate!”, “You are an enemy of the Daleks. You must be destroyed!” and my favorite one, “You would make a good Dalek!”
I have had a busy week, but that is how life is. Busy. I’m just super terrified of getting my wisdom teeth out… I really hope that it isn’t as bad as people make it out to be…. :/
Also, I just found out the 12th Doctor will be Peter Capaldi and even though he is older than the others, he will definitely be a great Doctor. Apparently he played the W.H.O Doctor in World War Z so this was ever coming xD Hahaha!
Fare thee well!!!
Karen Alyse

First Day.

My first day at work (yesterday) was a TOTAL blast!! 😀 I got there about 30 minutes early so I could get dressed and hang out with Durlin until our manager came to get us to start us on concessions. Durlin is one of my friends I made when we were at Paperwork (Monday) and Orientation (Wednesday). She’s pretty cool.

So we headed on down to the concession stand and had to find out which register we were on (I was on 32) and then we just got to go for it, with as much help as we needed. One of the things you ALWAYS do when you get to your register is fill out a “cup count sheet”, I had to count my cups that I was starting with and if I wasn’t starting with any I had to get new cups. 50 small, 25 medium, and 25 large. Then I got paired up with Miranda because she was the one my manager told to help me out. It was pretty fun with her, I got to learn a lot of things!

Most of the customers brought in credit cards to pay for their stuff, but every once in a while you would get someone with cash. I had to know how to give exact change. It was crazy!:) But totally worth it. Jeff (my friend who works there) told me that he had never expected to see someone he knew at work and that it was pretty cool that I was there. I’m glad he doesn’t think it’s weird.

The other employees who were there started getting used to me and that was cool. I got to the point where I could do total orders by myself! It was awesome! But then 11:00 came and I had to close down. I worked from 5:00-11:00 with a 30 minute break from 9:00-9:30. The last two things I was supposed to do is fill my candy back up to 5 each again and then count the cups I was left with.

I went upstairs and decided not to change so I just grabbed my polo I had worn into work yesterday and pulled my jacket over my work shirt and then grabbed my drink, food, purse, and water bottle so that I could just leave.

As I was walking down the stairs I saw another employee, Luke, who is a new hire with me, and he asked me how my first day went and I told him that at first you’re nervous, but you get used to it very quickly. He smiled and said that he was hoping that is how it would be. He’s working tonight. 5:00-11:00.

So there is my first day of work! I drove home after that and really, that’s all there was to it. Yay!:) I was home by 11:30 and in the shower by 11:40. I was EXHAUSTED. However, that didn’t stop me from watching some more “Degrassi: The Next Generation”.

I’ve started watching the show all over again because I don’t remember the first like 5 or 6 seasons…. or really any of it for that matter. I just remember really liking it so I started it over. There’s like 12 seasons total in this part of the series and this came after “Degrassi: Junior High” and “Degrassi: High”. I’m not positive how many seasons are in those… But I really do like The Next Generation.

So on Thursday I watched almost all of Season 1 of The Next Generation and then yesterday I finished that season and started Season 2. Yay! And right now, I just took a break from watching Degrassi to type up this post! I’m gonna go back an watch it now though so…. Oh one last thing. Sean and Emma are my favourite couple. <333333

Fare thee well!!

Karen Alyse